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United States - Comparative Trends Analysis of Bellwether Economic Indicators, 1958-2021
United States

Introduction & Summary

Chronicle, track, analyze and compare state economic growth and change compared to the nation and other areas of your choosing based on the following bellwether indicators:
Each indicator offers its own signature of the character of the broader economic conditions and trends underlying the state and regional economy. Moreover, each is foundational to understanding the performance of a state economy for planning, investment, and decision-making.


  1. From the list above, the "Research & Analysis Menu" to the left, or the selection box to the right, select a desired indicator.

Additional Suggested Analysis

To compare and examine total industry earnings across all 51 United States states, enlist the interactive mapping and ranking features at your disposal by clicking on the map below.

Total Industry Earnings Growth by State

Average Annual Percent Change, 1959-2021

Total Industry Earnings Growth by State
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