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United States - Industry vs. Industry Structure & Performance: GDP Across States and Regions for Selected Industries
United States

Introduction & Summary

Pair and compare two distinct gross domestic product industry sectors of your choosing to examine their relative importance and performance across all of the United States' 51 state economies over 1977-2023. Contrast and assess, for example, the comparative importance of gross domestic product for the Professional and Business Services sector across the states of the United States against Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services, or any other two sectors you elect to select.
Apply the interactive tools included in this module to conduct your own research about how any two industry sectors compare and contrast across the states of the United States. The analytical tools at your disposal for ranking and sorting the importance and growth of individual industry sectors across states include: percent of total GDP locally, location quotients, percent of U.S. total sector earnings, growth rates and growth rates differenced against overall averages locally and their counterparts nationwide.


  1. From the "Analysis Options Menu" to the right, select two industry sectors of interest to view results for gross domestic product in the United States.

Additional Suggested Analysis

To view and examine the short vs. long term growth of all 51 United States states click on the graph below.

Utilities Growth by State

State vs Nationwide Average: 2014-2022 and 2023

Utilities by State
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