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United States - LSGL Analysis of Real GDP Industry Growth by Selected Region, 1977-2023
United States

Introduction & Summary

Who's on First?

Among the prominent questions that inevitably arise when the economic performance of an local economy is discussed are:
  • How have the major industry sectors in a state grown overall, both recently...and longer term?
  • What industries have most consistently lead in this growth?
  • What are those industries that have most generally and persistently lagged?
  • Are there some industry sectors that have recently gained by posting growth above par, in contrast to their more general subpar performance in the past?
  • What are the industry sectors that have more generally outperformed the overall industry average in the past, but that have more recently slipped?
In this United States Regional Economic Analysis Project module you are invited to use and apply the LSGL framework of industry analysis to guide your investigation in addressing these questions for any state you choose. LSGL analysis is a particularly handy and versatile device for diagnosing the short vs. long-term growth and performance of the portfolio of the individual industries that comprise, contributed to, and detracted from, the overall average growth of gross domestic product within any state of interest to you. You may also use this tool to select a specific industry sector whose growth and performance within the LSGL framework you wish to feature and highlight in the resulting analysis.


  1. Using the map above or the "Analysis Options Menu" on the right, select a region you wish to research and investigate.
  2. Select a specific industry sector you wish to feature and highlight in the resulting report (Optional), or:

Additional Suggested Analysis

To compare and examine the structure and growth of any two major industry sectors click on the map below.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and huntingvs. Mining

Gross Domestic Product by State, 2023

Gross Domestic Product by State, 2023
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